Css change li bullet icon

Css change li bullet icon

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Using the Divi font icons. anywhere on your website using CSS.

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The list-style-position CSS property specifies the position of the::marker relative to a list item. No change.

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Bullet points are important element of landing pages so I.icon-list li.

The list-style-image CSS property specifies an image to be used as the list item marker.Turning the good old plain list bullets into something visually more attractive is easy, if you happen to have come across this article about pure CSS checkmark icons.

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Originally, lists were either bullet points or numbers, but now CSS lets you make lists dynamic, change the way they look to the user, and you can use images as.

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UL (Unordered List) Permitted Context:. (LI) An unordered list.

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Hello. I would like to change backround color and bullet type of li by mouse over.

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Text is not allowed to overflow a box on the left side in CSS.I am cleaning up my site and need to find a way to consolidate the bullet list of.

The list-style-image property replaces the list-item marker with an image. The path to the image to be used as a list-item marker.The list-style-position property specifies the position of the list-item markers (bullet points). list-style-position:.

Can I change the bullet image that is used in. the bullet image in the content query web part from. your own CSS for the elements you want to change.Icons and List Shortcodes Add icons in the form. the button.With this little CSS snippet and Sass mixin you can set a different ul bullet colour from the main list item content.